About Me

Tobey-Julian Joseph

I have been solely developing independent video games since 2013 and have been publishing my own games onto numerous websites since 2015. I'm both self-taught and have been formally educated on game development and am knowledgeable in many fields of game design and development from art and music, to programming and audio engineering. My strengths lie in Level Design and Gameplay Mechanic Design. I also have experience with Game Music Composition, Game Audio Programmer, Game Audio Engineer, and Game Sound FX Design. I have made games using well-known engines like Game Maker Studios, Unity using the C# Language, and Clickteam Fusion 2.5. I'm also well experienced in using Unreal Engine 4 to create levels. I have experience with using industry-standard software, like Photoshop and Maya, as well as other well-known software like Asperite, FL Studio, Pro Tools, and FMOD.

As of now, I'm currently a college student who is enrolled at Fitchburg State University. I major in Game Design and minor in Music Theory/Composition. I have worked on roughly nine projects, with four of them being solo developed. As of today, I'm currently being contracted by Dennel Cake LLC as a music composer for their upcoming game, Wonder Spectrum™.