Cause N' Effect (Prototype)

Year of Release: 2021

Genre: Hyper Casual, Arcade

Project Role: Solo Developed

Programming Language: C#

Game Engine: Unity

Software used: Visual Studio, Maya, Gimp 2.5

Project Development Detail

Cause N’ Effect is a Rube Goldberg-inspired, Roll-A-Ball game where players must launch up to three balls into a sandbox area to break all the targets in a course to win and proceed to the next course. Each course is filled with an assortment of different obstacles and attractions to aid or hinder the player. The player, however, has the ability to slow down time and move their ball either left or right into other attractions as well to rank up even more points or increase their chances of smashing more targets. This game was solo developed within the span of a month.

Cause N' Effect is my first ever game that is developed for mobile devices. I developed this game with the intention of not only learning mobile game design and development using the Unity Engine, but I also used this project as a means to learn more about Unity's physics systems, learning and implementing post-processing, reflection management, lighting, and material and shader properties, and most importantly, understanding game optimization. Prioritizing game optimization was very key for making sure the game ran well on as many game-capable mobile devices, as the phone would be tasked with both rendering a lot of objects in a scene as well as handling a lot of physics calculation. The videos on the right showcase the process of getting to the game's current visual style for mobile devices.

Key Feats:

  • Designed and developed eight future-proofed level objects that the player can interact with.

  • Developed a unique slow-motion movement mechanic for the player to control.

  • Optimized the game for a wide range of game-ready mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S series phones (S8 onwards).

  • Included and optimized technical art techniques such as post-processing, dynamic and baked lighting, dynamic and baked reflections, and Level of Detail and Occlusion optimizing for models