Project Development Detail

Year of Release: 2019

Genre: Co-Op Simulation

Project Role: Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Audio Programmer, Sound FX Design, Assistant UI Designer, Assistant Machine Modeler (in-engine)

Programming Language: C#


Game Engine: Unity

Middleware: FMOD

Software used: Visual Studio, Photoshop, FL Studio, Audacity

Chronofactory is a top-down co-op building simulation game that was developed by a team of only three developers in only three and a half weeks.


I was in charge of everything regarding the audio and was also tasked with assisting in UI Design and Machine Modeling. I was able to compose and arrange music for the game, and also create my own sound effects as well, acting as my own foley artist. Since I was also in charge of implementing audio into the game, I used FMOD's software and library assembly to implement all of the sounds in-game via C#.

Key Feats:

  • I developed an easy way to implement new sound into my game with FMOD

  • I developed and implemented all of the audio in the game

  • I helped implement a system in place that lets players choose a song in the main menu before loading the next level.