Come Outside

Year of Release: 2020

Genre: First-Person Horror Adventure

Project Role: Audio Engineer, Audio Programmer, Sound FX Designer, Voice Actor (Whispers), Voice Over Director, Sound Editor, Foley Artist, Programmer, Level Designer

Programming Language: C#

Game Engine: Unity / FMOD

Software used: Audacity, FL Studio, Visual Studio

Project Development Detail

Come Outside is a Playstation 1 inspired First-Person Horror Game that was made for the Fitchburg State Game Jam in the span of two weeks. I developed the game in a team of eight (voice actors and myself included) and my role was to lead in anything relating to the audio. This required me to create, record, and implement all of the audio into the game as well as handle voice over direction and editing. I used the FMOD middleware audio engine and integrated it with the Unity Engine to handle the audio for this game and created scripts to implement realistic 3D spatial audio like dynamic reverberation and audio occlusion. I also recorded a huge amount of the SFX found in the game from scratch and further edited everything using Audacity.

Key Feats:

  • Recorded, edited, and implemented the majority of SFXs found in the game.

  • Created scripts to create fully immersive, dynamic, and adaptive audio that reacted to player positioning throughout the level.

    • Dynamic footstep that changes depending on the surface​

    • Audio occlusion (sound mufflers when the player is in a separate room from the audio source)

    • Reverb Zones that change reverb intensity in each area

    • 3D Spatial Audio that accurately pans to player's position in relation to the audio source in-game

  • Acted out as lead Audio Designer and Engineer and worked closely with the game's producer to fully realize the game's audio identity

  • Directed Voice Actors alongside the producer

    • Was also a voice-over editor as well

  • Assisted in Programming, Level Design, and Early Concept Design