Project Smallbot

Year of Release: 2015

Genre: 2D Platformer

Project Role: Solo Developed

Programming Language: GML (Game Maker Language)

Game Engine: Gamemaker Studios

Software used: FamiTracker, bfxr

Project Development Detail

Project Smallbot is a 2D platformer that took me eight months to develop. This was the first game I ever completed and was published on the Desura indie store site in 2015. With the exception of the audio, everything about this game was made exclusively in the Game Maker engine. I used the Game Maker Language (GML) to program the game and many of its features.

Key Feats:

  • Designed and implemented eight full levels and five mini levels. Four of which contain hidden alternative exit routes to secret levels.

  • The game has roughly 20-25 minutes worth of playtime when playing through the whole game on the easiest difficulty.

  • Implemented three different difficulties for the game

  • Implemented two different endings and one extra secret ending to those to complete the game on the hardest difficulty.