Project Smallbot: Light

Year of Release: 2018 (Demo)

Genre: 2D Platformer

Project Role: Solo Developed (with Music Composed by Dan Wrigley)

Game Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Software used: Gimp 2.5, Photoshop, bfxr

Project Development Detail

Project Smallbot: Light was a personal project that took nearly three years to develop and was released on indie game websites like GameJolt,, and IndieDB. I worked on the whole game by myself and contracted a composer to work on music for the game. With this project, I was able to learn more about game design, game development management and scoping, pixel art, enemy design, level design, prototyping, and programming using a visual scripting language.

Key Feats:

  • Designed and implemented eight levels. Each level containing different enemies and level hazards/event systems

  • Designed and implemented nine enemies and systems that cause some enemies to behave and act differently either towards the players or the level itself.

  • Created a character movement, knockback, and cooldown systems.