RTS: Real Time Sheeb

Year of Release: 2019

Genre: Point n Click / "Interactive Music Video"

Project Role: Music Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Audio Designer

Programming Language: C#


Game Engine: Unity

Middleware: FMOD

Software used: FL Studio, Audacity

Project Development Detail

RTS: Real Time Sheeb is an arcade strategy game / interactive music video that took roughly four days to develop for a Game Jam. I worked in a six-man team and I was tasked with Audio design, engineer, composition, and sound design. I used FMOD once again to implement audio into the game. Since the in-game characters and environment moved to the BPM of the song, I had to work with the lead animator in helping him create a system that helps the animator automate his animation to the beat of the music. I also made sure that the grass chewing SFX also played to the beat of the music as well.

Key Feats:

  • Worked with the animator to make animations play to the song's BPM

  • Worked in FMOD to implement all of the music and Sound FX